Systemic Consensing – ONLINE – 21-22.05.2020

Do you want to experience more co-responsibility in your team?

Do you want more inclusion and participation?

Are you curious about the method how to take group decisions with more ease and efficiency? 

We invite you to the workshop about how to find the most acceptable, creative and sustainable solutions in teams or groups.

A 2-days workshop is for people wanting to get rid of the “bad taste”
after decision-making process in groups

A few words from the trainer – Adelheid Schmidt:

“Systemic Consensing, also known as the SK Principle, is a technique used to moderate group decision making. A group develops many suggestions in this moderated process and then selects those who come closest to consensus and thus to the reconciliation of interests. This is the suggestion that produces the slightest rejection, the lowest potential for conflict and thus the highest acceptance in the group. At the same time, among the proposals mentioned, it is also the one that achieves the best possible balance of interests among the participants. The process reinforces also creativity, self-responsibility and reciprocal listening.

When moderating groups – in companies, associations, households, seminars – I like to use the method of systemic consensing. Thereby, I support the participants to use a different appreciating way to find decisions without fights and arguments. The ones who try to understand the other group members and try to create solutions that consider not just their own interests but the interests of the others, too, are likely to get less rejection. Often, this results in an improved connection to each other. Also the competence in the groups to solve problems increases.” Adelheid Schmidt, trainer for Nonviolent Communication and for Systemic Consensing


  • there is no majority voting. What does it mean? Sometimes the minority’s proposal will be accepted as a solution and it is within the consent of the majority. 
  • Systemic Consensing does not require agreement, affirmation or even preference. A decision is found by choosing the proposal with the least objections. The lowest level of objection — resistance — results into the highest acceptance and sustainability.

For whom:

For you, if you are dealing with teams/ groups/ classes/ families/ communities

The training is of special interest for:
For you,
… if you want to find decisions that are most likely to be shared by all members of the group
… if you want to feel “together” after voting
… if you want to create a climate that sustainable solutions can be developed
… if you don’t want to have to follow the loudest / strongest / fastest of the group
… if you are searching for effective tools for sustainable decisions
… if you are unsatisfied by the way we live our democratic values

What are the objectives?

  • Experience and practice an appreciating way of how to moderate groups while finding decisions. 
  • Learn how to moderate the so called „fast”way of Systemic Consensing. 
  • Experience the intensive way of Systemic Consensing for decisions in important topics.
  • After these 2 days you will be able to start moderating your own groups with Systemic Consensing.

What is the content?

  • Background of majority decisions in groups
  • Technical input and training of “Fast Systemic Consensing”
  • Technical input and experiencing “Intensive Systemic Consensing”

The trainer – Adelheid Schmidt

Adelheid Schmidt, SC trainer

I love my job. And I love people. In my work I bring my heart and brain together. And I activate the same in my clients. I accompany my client in this process and I am grateful for the intensive momejnts of clarification, understanding and development.
I have developed my „brain” in school, during music and psychology studies (with a focus on work and organizational psychology), while working as a manager in a medium-sized company, during my various training courses to become a communication trainer, coach, wingwave coach, stress management consultant, trauma therapist, among others.
My „heart” grew above all in the security of my family, through my 3 children, my friends and through the encounter already 15 year ago with NVC process created by Marshall B. Rosenberg. At that moment I started to become aware of my inner attitude. Since then I have been working actively and regularly on my own growth and ways to pass this knowledge through my seminars and coaching sessions and all that with full of joy.
Through my ability to reconcile „heart” and „brain” equally, my client gets a competent, neutral dialogue partner. She/he is taken seriously, gets new perspectives for dealing with difficult situations and is clear again for her/his further approach.

My professional education is: certified psychologist (1987), NVC trainer, mediator and moderator (2006), NVC coach (2010), wingwave coach (2011), moderator for Systemic Consensing (2013), trauma therapist (2018).
My working experience is: manager in a medium-sized company until 2002 and since 2004 as freelancer (consultant, trainer, coach, therapist), with own psychological praxis in Ulm, Germany since 2012.
My main focus is NVC and Systemic Consensing.”

More about:

When: 21-22 May 2020 (Thursday – Friday, 9:00 – 15:30)

Where: online

Language: The workshop will be conducted in English.


How much does it cost?

We have an unusual and different approach to money. Please take a moment and read our options. Thank you!

It is a challenge to find out how to ask for contributions, because we want 4 things at once:

  •     to make the workshop happen so that we and all participants can learn
  •     to make the workshop available regardless of your financial resources
  •     to take care about sustainability of the trainer and organizers
  •     to make it easy for you to decide how much you want to and are able to contribute


a) If you want to deal with money within larger perspective, please choose within our sliding scale and choose among different amounts.

We invite you to decide how much you are willing and able to contribute by using the sliding scale of 345 – 1500  PLN / 80 – 345 EUR.

  • if you have stability in salary, savings and security in your financial situation,
    and you want to support the event to happen
    or people with less resources
    please choose an amount starting from 980 – 1500 PLN / 230 – 345 EUR 
  • if you struggle with financial resources,
    please choose an amount starting from 345 – 450 PLN / 80 – 105 EUR or contact us to find an option that works for all of us (e.g. installments, support before or during workshop).

b) If you need ease, please choose one of these amounts.

 800 PLN / 185 EUR – if you register by the end of 15th April 2020 – Early Bird
 980 PLN / 230 EUR – if you register after 15th April 2020       

c) If you are participating on behalf of a company which covers your cost and you will use these tools in business, we ask you to contribute 1500 PLN / 345 EUR 

After receiving confirmation of registration, please pay a deposit of 300 PLN / 72 EUR within 7 business days. The payment guarantees the participation booking. The deposit is non-refundable unless another person is found instead or the organizers cancel the training. The payment of the total declared sum minus the deposit should be paid by 15th April, 2020 in the case of Early Bird or by 9th May, 2020 in the case of standard price. If the participant wants to cancel, reimbursement may take place up to 9th May, 2020. After this date the payment will not be refunded. In exceptional cases, please contact us.

The bank account:
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Contact: / +48 698 68 41 51 Please contact us if you have any questions or doubts concerning registration, contributions or workshop content.